The Barbara R. Nicholson Auditorium


Barbara R. Nicholson Auditorium
The King Arts Complex Nicholson Auditorium is a beautiful, large space overlooking the Mayme Moore Park. A small stage and full-service kitchen compliments the amenities of this space. Great for workshops, lunches, or receptions, the Multipurpose Room can accommodate a large number of tables and chairs. To make your event extra special, we would be happy to provide you with a list of pre-approved caterers offering a wide range of menus.

Seating: 300
Banquet: 300
Standing: 400

Rental Rates
Monday through Thursday: $150 an hour

Additional Fees Required

Facility Attendant(s): $45.00 an hour each (# determined by space usage)
Security Officer(s): $45.00 an hour each (# determined by space usage)
Facility Usage Fee: $100.00 Flat Rate
Technical Operator: $45.00 an hour (if needed)
Lighting Technician: $45.00 an hour (if needed)
Bartender: $100.00 Flat Rate(if needed)
Setup/Tear Down: $100.00

Additional Rental Items (cost per day)

Grand Piano: $180.00 per day
Microphones: $25.00 each
Cordless Microphone: $110.00 each
90×90 Tablecloths: $10.00 each (black and white only)
90×156 Tablecloths: $15.00 each (black only)
Tables (60 in rounds): $4.00 each
Chairs: $0.50 each
Podium: No Charge
Green Dressing Room: $150.00 per hour
Blue Dressing Room: $150.00 per hour
Please call 614.645.5464 for more information.

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